I believe in the healing power of touch and strive to create a personalized experience for you.

I aim to empower individuals to connect with their bodies by promoting overall well-being using a multi-modality treatment method to release pain from the physical and emotional body.

Couples Massage Class Now Available!

I am here to support your healing journey!

I offer you a safe and nurturing environment for you to experience an unwinding of the body to release stored trauma and step forward to live your life in your most healed state.


“Veronica’s massages are like unlike anything else I have ever experienced. Her two hour body massage and energy release session has completely changed the way my body functions and feels. Her energy is so calming & helps you relax into the deepest state possible. Her sound healing really takes the experience to the next level. I feel like my body has unraveled when I get up from the table. She is my favorite LMT!”

Jen Ciszewski